Risk in the Eye of the Beholder 9.13.13

Risk. Some people see risk as dangerous, lively events. It may be taking a new class that is completely unrelated to our major, delving into something purely of interest. Or it may be as simple as stepping out of the house wearing an unusual fashion trend.  Risk is the deviation from an individual’s normal behavior or expectation in order to grow and develop. It is different from person to person, character to character, and day to day.


I like my risk in minimal doses. Maybe I stay up late and watch a movie, risking the amount of exhaustion I will feel the next day. Perhaps it is choosing the mystery novel over the romantic escapade. These choices, my risks, do not make me a boring person. They create my character. They provide growth in a personal way.


In class the other day, there were several comments about those who take no risks or find themselves risking at a minimal level. It was determined that it creates an uninteresting person. To be honest, it was rather off-putting. For the most part, I would like to say I am interesting and an enjoyable person to be around. So if I weigh my options, measure my risk, and act cautiously as opposed to irrationally, do I become the person who’s achievements are recognized less or valued at a lower level?


Let’s focus on the social aspect of University. Many students choose to participate in underage drinking and excessive partying at inopportune times of the week or schedule. If a student is receiving financial aid, the risk of enjoying these activities increases; any infraction jeopardizes the financial aid reward and can impact future grants and opportunities. Not going out may appear to be a huge deviation in our student population, but for others like me, it may be a gigantic risk with more negatives than positives. Just because the risk is acceptable by some, doesn’t make it an enjoyable and perfect risk for everyone else to take. And I think it is important to respect these choices.


There is nothing wrong with weighing options, measuring comfort level, and acting from there. I am not saying that living free of risk means you will experience life to the fullest. It is necessary to try new things, experiment with new trends, and go outside of your comfort zone to grow in this demanding society. I am simply putting it out there that everyone is different. Rather than compare or judge another individual on how they chose to move forth in their personal journey, we should focus on what allows us to live our own life to it’s maximum potential.


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